Royal Albert Edward Infirmary, Wigan – Recondo Recliner Chairs

The Rainbow Ward at Royal Albert Edward Infirmary provides care for almost 4,000 children a year. The ward has 34 beds and children often stay on the ward for a number of days or weeks depending on their condition.

It is beneficial for children to have 24 hour parental support during their stay in hospital as it reduces the stress upon them leading to quicker recovery and discharge. Parents are encouraged to stay with their child whenever circumstances allow so there is generally a need for up to 34 parent beds.

Currently there are only 12 bed chairs available so the rest of the parents who need to stay have to spend the night sat up in a chair. The bed chairs need to be hardwearing because of the frequent use and fully cleanable for hygiene purposes. The Ward Manager has asked us to provide 10 extra Recondo Recliner Chairs to fill the need for more parent beds and help improve patient experience.

Two beds were delivered earlier this year and the final 8 are now ordered and should be in use by December. The cost of supplying 10 Recondo Recliner Chairs was £13,916.76