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In the last year, over 7,250 babies and children attended the Assessment Unit and Inpatient Ward of the Starlight Unit at Wythenshawe Hospital. This number has been increasing year on year. On admission, and throughout their stay, these patients will have their vital signs measured to assess and monitor their health. Readings of blood pressure, temperature, heart rate and blood oxygen gives clinicians essential information.

Due to high demand and frequent use, the Starlight Unit needs extra and replacement monitoring equipment. We have recently provided one Spot monitor with funds from our Manchester Appeal. This new model is able to wirelessly transfer the readings to a digital record which ensures accuracy and time efficiency.

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Royal Bolton Hospital – Bilisoft Phototherapy

The Paediatric Inpatient Ward at Royal Bolton Hospital takes babies and children from a catchment area across Greater Manchester and parts of Lancashire. The medical staff on the ward have applied to MedEquip4Kids for a Bilisoft Phototherapy System to treat babies suffering from Jaundice. Jaundice is common in new borns but is often diagnosed after […]

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Lancasterian School, Manchester – Acheeva Graduate Bed

This year we are providing two Acheeva Beds for Lancasterian School in West Didsbury, Manchester, a special school for children aged 3-16.

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Warrington Hospital – Early Years Interactive Touch Screens

Warrington Hospital

Around 30,000 children and their families visit the paediatric ward at Warrington Hospital each year. These young patients have a variety of medical needs, from regular medical treatments and planned procedures to investigations and emergency responses. A high percentage of these patients have complex needs. Visiting hospital can be boring, stressful and frightening for children, […]

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β€œThe AccuVein AV400 is going to be such a useful addition to our equipment as it will make it easier to see the small veins and thereby make the process a lot gentler on our little patients.”

Nicola Entwistle and Rudo Kupera
Children's Clinic
Royal Preston Hospital

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