Brooke School Rugby Swimming Pool Access Aids

Brooke School in Rugby is a special needs school for children aged 2-19 with learning, behavioural and social difficulties. The school has 168 pupils from Rugby, Southam, Leamington, Daventry and North Warwickshire, but has recently added several classrooms so they can accommodate up to 200.

The school has a hydrotherapy pool that is in constant use by most pupils but many need extra support while swimming or assistance to gain access to it. Hydrotherapy has multiple benefits for disabled children and young people such as increasing their range of movement at the joints, improving muscle strength or reducing abnormally high muscle tone where necessary, and enhancing their cardiovascular system.

Brooke School have asked MedEquip4Kids to provide three items which will greatly improve the access to the pool for less able children: 2 Float Slings which support pupils in the pool allowing them to enjoy the feel of the water; 2 Paediatric Shower Chairs which will give safe access to the pool and shower area for a large number of pupils and a Pool Evacuation Sheet for use in an emergency situation for pupils with epilepsy or if the pool hoist fails.

The cost of providing these items is £2,694.90