Royal Bolton Hospital – Blood Pressure Monitors

The Paediatric Inpatient Ward at Royal Bolton Hospital takes children from a catchment area across the north of Greater Manchester and parts of Lancashire. The medical team have asked us to supply six Mindray VS900 blood pressure monitors.

It is essential that children have their vital signs checked when first being admitted and then regularly throughout their stay to pick up any underlying problems. The requested machines will help staff to quickly and accurately assess the health of all children with the minimum intrusion.

The Blood Pressure monitors have inbuilt oxygen saturation monitoring and temperature measuring which means that one device can test all the vital signs. Oxygen saturation is used for any child with breathing problems such as asthma, bronchitis or pneumonia. These devices are more flexible than the ones currently available and can be used for continuous monitoring if children are seriously ill. They are designed for children and babies right down to neo natal size and are extremely accurate.

The new monitors are more reliable and easy to use than the current ones, which are also in short supply, and will provide better care for the babies being treated in Bolton.

The cost of providing one Blood Pressure Monitor is £1831.83.