Improving mental health in our schools. Inspire and uplift with a free six week course for children.

1 in 6

young people experience
a mental health condition


don’t receive the right interventions early enough


of North West schools don’t
have a mental health contact


pupils participated across the North West and counting

What is the Hummingbird Project?

A short course that helps children to be more emotionally resilient and positive. Six workshops are delivered free of charge to schools throughout the North West. After the course, your school receives a rich bundle of practical mental health resources.

“The Hummingbird Project is so of the moment. It answers the call coming from young people.”

Andy Burnham
Mayor of Greater Manchester
as he launched The Hummingbird Project

Helping youngsters to learn about their mental health

  • Created by MedEquip4Kids to address young people’s mental health issues
  • In partnership with psychologists from the University of Bolton and the University of Chester
  • Free to schools in the North West of England
  • Boosting the mental health traits and emotions of our students
  • Delivered to 4,542 pupils across 36 schools.

Mental health has never been more important

Through our work with Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services, we’ve seen an escalating crisis firsthand and we recognise the need for preventative action. The initial study we commissioned in 2017 identified a local mental health epidemic. Some of the findings were deeply concerning.

Breaking cycles and improving chances

Applying the concepts of Positive Psychology, we help to identify early warning signs. The Hummingbird Project gives young people coping techniques, resilience skills and a greater reliance on their own personal strengths. Together we’re reducing stigma and providing hope.

Download the Hummingbird Project evaluation report for 2022-2023.

A full report of the last school year including outcomes, impacts and reviews.

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