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One in seven babies in the UK needs specialist neo natal care after they are born. These babies may be born too early or with a low birth weight, or have a medical condition that needs treatment.

Nearly 3,500 children are born in Croydon University Hospital every year, with over 400 babies requiring a stay in the neo natal unit. The unit supports up to 26 babies and includes four intensive care cots, five high dependency cots, and 17 special care cots.

The  unit is in need of a new incubator to help protect new babies from germs and infection while they heal from an illness.  Incubators ensure that babies stay warm and are able to regulate their body temperature. Babies cannot adjust to temperature changes as well as adults and can lose heat nearly four times faster, which puts them at increased risk of hypothermia.

The incubator will replace old equipment and improve the care and and support given premature and sick babies, including those with complex needs such as Down’s syndrome.  It will also prevent premature and sick babies from experiencing prolonged cold stress, which can cause oxygen deprivation, hypoglycemia, metabolic acidosis and rapid depletion of glycogen stores.

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Tameside General Hospital – medical equipment

A range of medical equipment is needed at Tameside General Hospital to improve care in the neo natal and children’s units.

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Ashgate Specialist Support Primary School – Acheeva Beds

We are providing a new Acheeva Bed for Ashgate Specialist Support Primary School, which caters for pupils with a wide range of special educational needs from the Wythenshawe and South Manchester areas. A small number of these pupils have highly complex learning, medical and physical needs. Some of these students have had extended periods of […]

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Lancasterian School, West Didsbury – Acheeva Graduate Bed

Lancasterian School in West Didsbury is a Specialist Support School for children 3-16 from the Manchester area who have physical, complex medical and or complex communication difficulties.

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“This donation has enabled us to use more varied and useful therapeutic toys and games when working with children and young people with mental health difficulties, as well as using extra clinic rooms which are now more child-friendly. This has helped reduced anxiety about coming to CAMHS and meant that family therapy can be done. Both parents of a 10 year old boy can now attend with their 5 year old as the youngest child can play with our new resources in the waiting room or clinic space. The 10 year old benefited from therapeutic games about thoughts/feelings and we were also able to observe imaginative play for assessment.”

Dr Eleanor Oswald
Clinical Psychologist, CAMHS
Vale of Leven Hospital

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