“Magic Medic” brings joy to kids in hospital

MedEquip4Kids was delighted to receive a grant of £10,000 in 2018 from the Postcode Community Trust. The funding  has enabled “Magic Medic” Louby Lou to visit children receiving treatment at Stepping Hill Hospital, Royal Bolton Hospital and Macclesfield General Hospital for a period of twelve months.

Being in hospital can be distressing, frightening and boring for children. Louby Lou entertains sick children with an immersive, colourful and vibrant clown show, performing magic tricks and getting kids singing along to popular songs. This distracts them from their treatment and helps cheer them up. Reducing their stress and anxiety can make a real difference to the speed of their recovery.

Each three-hour visit benefits up to around 40 kids. Laura Gasson, play specialist at Royal Bolton says: “It brightens the day of poorly children and breaks up their treatment plans and medication.”

Jeanette Burden, play specialist at Stepping Hill Hospital says: “Hospital can be a difficult and upsetting place to be for patients and Louby Lou always manages to put a heartwarming smile on children’s faces here.”

MedEquip4Kids Project Co-ordinator Evelyn Glarvey says: “We love to watch Louby Lou work her magic to bring a smile to children’s faces. We’re so grateful for the generous support of the Postcode Community Trust, which has made these visits possible.”

PPL-COMMUNITY-1024x388 "Magic Medic" brings joy to kids in hospital