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Macclesfield District General Hospital are in need of four bedside pulse oximeters, which are used for monitoring oxygen levels in children with a range of respiratory conditions, including include chest infections, asthma, and croup. They are also used to support children on non-invasive ventilator support and those who have had surgical/anaesthetic intervention such as ear nose and throat, dental abstractions, orthopaedic and abdominal procedures, or sedation for investigative procedures.

These pulse oximeters are currently used on the ward and have proved to be an effective and efficient monitoring system. Around 200 patients a month use them during their stay in hospital, which shows how vital the equipment is to the department. However, in times of high activity, especially during the winter months, there is an increase in the number of children admitted with respiratory conditions and there are not enough machines to meet the demand.

The extra pulse oximeters will support the nursing team in providing safe care for all the children and young people admitted to the hospital. Each piece of equipment has a lifespan of around 10 years, so they will be a valuable long-term investment for the ward.

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“This new incubator has the addition of scales to weigh the baby with the minimum of disruption. It also has integral oxygen, which minimises kit and clutter around the incubator space. We will be able to control the temperature, humidity and oxygen to suit the baby’s individual requirements.”

Julie Armstrong
Lead Nurse, Neo Natal Unit
Wigan Infirmary

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