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The Children’s Ward at Blackpool Victoria Hospital provides treatment and care to approximately 8,000 babies and children each year. Many of these are admitted with respiratory problems and need to have their oxygen levels closely monitored. All babies under 1 year old are routinely monitored during their stay on the ward.

Recently all of the Apnoea monitors in use on the ward were taken out of service due to obsolescence and the replacement model is not suitable for use on the Children’s Ward. The Masimo Radical 7 Saturation Monitor has the latest technology to accurately read a child or small baby’s oxygen levels whilst also detecting movement. This ensures the alarm does not falsely sound as the child stops moving around. These monitors will therefore accurately and reliably identify when a child or baby’s respiration is deteriorating and is in need of additional support or oxygen.

MedEquip4kids agreed to raise funds  for 6 Masimo Radical 7 Saturation Monitors with accessories to replace the out of service Apnoea Monitors. As the supplier is willing to take the old monitors in exchange, the price currently quoted is less than half of the usual cost which makes them excellent value. We have delivered 2 Radical 7 Monitors and are continuing to fundraise for the remaining 4.

The total of funding this project will be £9262.50

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“Infections of the central nervous system need urgent and appropriate treatment. Most laboratory methods can take from 24 to 48 hours for diagnosis of bacterial meningitis and three to seven days for diagnosis of viral meningitis or encephalitis. The new equipment will mean we can get results of these tests in around an hour. We’ll be able to inform the clinicians of a positive result, allowing targeted therapy and reassurance to the patients and families. Just as important is the reporting of negative results, which may enable treatment withdrawal and possibly a shorter hospital stay.”

Dr Pradeep Subudhi
Consultant Microbiologist
Royal Bolton Hospital

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