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Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital’s Ward 83 is an 11-bed providing round-the-clock care to children from 0-18 years on long term ventilation or with an acquired brain injury requiring rehabilitation. Premature babies with chronic lung disease are also treated on the ward.

The ward’s roles include preparing children and their families for the child’s discharge home, helping the child reach their full potential and ensuring full support for home care is in place prior to discharge. Emphasis is placed on enhancing the quality of each child’s life and the rehabilitation of the family unit.

MedEquip4KIDS have been asked to provide a Rhino Voyager sensory trolley to aid in relaxing and entertaining patients who often spend weeks and months on the ward preparing to go home. The Voyager is fully moveable and can transform a patient’s cubicle into a complete sensory experience with a bubble tube, fibre optic tails and a projector. This can help calm and sooth children while undergoing treatment and provide entertainment during rest times. It can stimulate children to reach their developmental milestones and assist with movement and interaction. The Voyager offers a complete sensory experience, engaging patients in touch, sight, hearing movement and balance and will make a huge difference to their time on the ward.

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Hummingbird Project – improving happiness and wellbeing

The Hummingbird Project was launched with the aim of improving mental health in young people.

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Zoe’s Place Baby Hospice, Liverpool – Safespace Cot

Zoe’s Place Baby Hospice

Zoe’s Place Baby Hospice in Liverpool cares for around 40 babies and infants aged 0-5 with both life-limiting and life-threatening conditions such as epilepsy, cerebral palsy and spinal muscular atrophy. Sometimes children are risk-assessed and it is concluded that standard cots are not appropriate for them to sleep in. Regular cots can pose a danger […]

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Royal Preston Hospital – SoundEars

Noise in hospitals, whether from loud voices, televisions or banging doors, can be an issue for both patients and staff, especially at night. Better sleep is well-documented as leading to reduced stress levels and faster recovery from illness, which results in children being able to go home earlier. The SoundEar Noise Warning Sign is a […]

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“The contribution of two Acheeva work stations has enhanced what we can offer to many children and students. Two young men are now able to access the larger workstations and their care and quality of life has improved dramatically. Michael now has the extra-large learning station available every day. Please thank everyone on our behalf who raised the money.”

Andy Tearle
Deputy Headteacher
Kings Mill School, Driffield

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