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Incontinence in children may be caused by a physical disability, a learning difficulty, or psychological or social problems. Most NHS Trusts run a Paediatric Continence Service with a dedicated specialist team or through the community nursing team. They work with children and their families providing care and advice to help children gain control of their bladder and bowel.

Bed wetting is a widespread and distressing condition which can significantly affect the child’s behaviour, emotional well being and social life. Children who wet the bed often fear sleepovers or school trips in case they are bullied or ridiculed, but also worry they will lose their friends if they refuse to attend. The use of enuresis (bed wetting) alarms can help to train the child to stay dry through the night which improves self esteem and quality of life.

The Macclesfield Bowel and Bladder Service are expanding the reach of their service with an extra nurse to cope with demand and therefore need more resources. They have asked for our help to fund equipment including enuresis alarms and a Playmobil bathroom set which helps children act out their feelings when unable to vocalize them. This extra continence equipment will greatly enhance the service provided to children in the Macclesfield area.

The total cost of fulfilling this project is £1829.72

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“The materials provided greatly help with the therapeutic process and engaging children, young people and their families in therapeutic work. The young people greatly appreciate having this equipment to use within their sessions. Many of the young people we see have a history of trauma including neglect and being able to access materials that they can use and enjoy is of great benefit and hopefully assists us to reinforce the messages of their worth as their self-concept is often very low.”

Michaela Foster
CAMHS Young People’s Team
Leicestershire CAMHS Partnership

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