North Manchester General Hospital Sensory Room Restoration

The Children’s Unit at North Manchester General Hospital had a sensory room installed in 2009. This room has been available as a place of distraction and comfort for the 3,500 children that attend the unit each year. With continuous use, most of the equipment in the room has stopped working or become damaged and now needs to be replaced.

Snoozlem_image-300x187 North Manchester General Hospital  Sensory Room Restoration

The sensory room is a vital part of the unit and supports children in a number of ways. It helps to distract them from discomfort after invasive surgery and gives children with mental health issues a space to think and feel calm. In addition, the room also assists the recovery and holistic development of children with additional needs.

The staff on the Children’s Unit are aware of the wonderful benefits that the room provides to patients and are keen to ensure its continued use. They have asked MedEquip4Kids to refurbish the room with a new bubble tube, sensory activity board, a talking cube and a colour wheel light projector.