Lancasterian School, West Didsbury – Acheeva Graduate Bed

Lancasterian School in West Didsbury is a Specialist Support School for children 3-16 from the Manchester area who have physical, complex medical and or complex communication difficulties. A number of the pupils are awaiting pain reducing surgery and struggle to find suitable supportive postural equipment to enable them to access all sessions.

RJC5155-684x1024 Lancasterian School, West Didsbury - Acheeva Graduate BedAn Acheeva Graduate Bed is a special bed which allows physically disabled pupils to work in a supported, balanced lying posture giving them relief from sitting in a wheelchair all day.  It is compact and easily moveable, allowing children to actively engage all aspects of the curriculum. The height and angle can be adjusted so the child is at eye level with staff and other classmates, helping with any visual impairment when studying.

Lancasterian School has asked MedEquip4Kids to provide an Acheeva Graduate Bed which will support the clinical requirements of many of the pupils in Willow Class. Access to this postural equipment will allow pupils to attend their lessons in greater comfort and enable staff to deliver physiotherapy programmes which are vital to maintaining good physical health and well being. It will enhance the children’s participation in curriculum activities which in turn improves their learning and self esteem

The cost of providing an Acheeva Graduate Bed is £7086.30