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We are funding a projector and rotating wheels to create immersive sensory lighting and colour effects in the children’s unit at Ipswich Hospital. This equipment will help reduce the agitation, stress and worry children experience when they come into hospital, especially before a procedure such as a scan, blood test or X-ray.

At the moment, the play team and clinical staff have a limited number of sensory resources to use with their young patients. The projector will be especially useful for patients with autism spectrum disorders, ADHD, cerebral palsy and other developmental challenges and will help to make their visit to Ipswich Hospital a less frightening and more positive experience.

The Rhino solar 250 LED projector, magnetic 6” effect wheel rotator and pack of three magnetic 6” effect wheels will benefit around 800 children a year. As the projector is freestanding and portable, it can be used to support children in different clinical settings.

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“During winter months our admissions of children with respiratory conditions increase, so these saturation monitors are vital to us being able to safely monitor children. They will allow us to monitor more children both continuously through their stay with us and at intermittent times during their visit. Staff will find the additional units make their jobs easier.”

Jayne Simpson
Ward Manager
Royal Bolton Hospital

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