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Acorns Primary School caters for pupils from 2-11 years old with moderate learning difficulties, severe learning difficulties, Autism Spectrum Disorder and PMLD (Profound and Multiple Learning Disability). Their pupils’ needs are met through an adaptive and multisensory curriculum. Multisensory teaching involves using various senses such as sight, sound, touch and movement to engage pupils in their learning. It helps the pupils to build stronger connections and makes learning more accessible to them and easier to retain.

Our project will fund a Musical Waterbed with built in sound system which will offer the children new and exciting learning opportunities. The waterbed has a flowing mattress which moulds to the shape of the pupil’s body, creating unrestricted support without pressure. This allows the child to feel the movement of the mattress all across their body and stimulates the proprioceptive and muscular systems. The sound system will generate soothing, resonant vibrations across the mattress giving an immersive multisensory experience to the pupils. It will also be a great resource for deep relaxation, calming, and sensory therapy. The waterbed will be available to all pupils, allowing them space to be free to explore movement and sound in a safe environment, regardless of their disability.

The additional resource of a Musical Waterbed at Acorn Primary School will make a huge difference to children’s learning and abilities and therefore help them reach their educational potential.

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“The new outdoor area will boost mood and morale, creating social opportunities in a safe space free from medical interventions and providing distraction from pain and illness. It offers play opportunities for siblings too, helping to normalise the hospital environment and bridge the gap between home and hospital.”

Gillian Heer
Starlight Children’s Unit Manager
Wythenshawe Hospital

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