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The Paediatric Unit at Macclesfield District General Hospital cares for children aged from 0-18 from across the East Cheshire area. During the winter months, more children need care for respiratory conditions meaning the ward is busier and the demand for essential equipment increases.

Airvo Optiflow System:

The unit have requested Airvo Optiflow Systems to ensure effective treatment is readily available.

When children have respiratory distress – severe chest infection, asthma or bronchiolitis – they often require supplementary oxygen. The ward can currently give high volumes of oxygen by Opti-flo or CPAP but the Airvo will give humidified oxygen which can be an alternative treatment or used as a follow up helping to ensure there is no relapse. The unit also treats patients with tracheostomy who would benefit from the Airvo System.

MedEquip4Kids have been asked to provide an extra 2 Airvo Optiflow Systems to ensure that the patients receive the necessary support promptly thereby improving their recovery time. The total cost of supplying this equipment is £6,113.25

Syringe Drivers and Infusion Pumps:

These lightweight devices are used to administer intravenous medication accurately, efficiently and with greater comfort for the patient. They are used when medications and fluids need to be infused slowly and steadily over a longer time period rather than being pushed into the patient. Some children need several infusions at the same time which can delay procedures for others if there are not enough units available.

MedEquip4Kids have been asked to provide an extra 2 Syringe Drivers and Infusion Pumps to ensure that the patients receive the necessary medications promptly thereby improving their recovery time. The total cost of supplying this equipment is £5980.00

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“Several pupils in the class use the Acheeva bed as part of their postural management program and it has been absolutely invaluable.”

Kira Bühler
Deputy Head Teacher
Lancasterian School, Manchester

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