Hummingbird Project – improving happiness and wellbeing

Hummingbird-Project_logo-no-text-1024x925 Hummingbird Project - improving happiness and wellbeingThe Hummingbird Project was launched with the aim of improving mental health in young people. It was devised by MedEquip4Kids in partnership with the University of Bolton and is currently being delivered in schools throughout Greater Manchester and Cheshire, and is offered free.

The scheme is led by trained staff and volunteers who present a six week course centering on Positive Psychology.  This will help give young people the techniques and tools to become more emotionally resilient. Topics covered include Mental Health and Stigma, Happiness and Wellbeing, Resilience and Character Strengths, Growth Mindsets, Hope and Gratitude, and Mindfulness.

DSC00238_edit-229x300 Hummingbird Project - improving happiness and wellbeingMedEquip4Kids Project Coordinator Ian Platt reports: “The students shared with us their idea of what happiness means to them, the things that make them happy in their lives, and what their hopes are for the future. Finally we discussed the impact our own thoughts and actions can have on our happiness and how we can make ourselves happier by helping others. All the students left the session with big smiles!”

The Hummingbird Project was officially launched in Autumn 2017 by Andy Burnham, Mayor of Greater Manchester, who said: “There’s a growing call from young people for more support with their own mental health and wellbeing, their own resilience, to navigate what is out there an increasingly challenging world. That’s why the Hummingbird Project is so right, so of the moment. It’s really answering the call coming from young people.”

“I enjoyed the mindfulness exercises. I learnt a lot about keeping happy. I think that it made me be happy. The project makes you know more about mental health problems and how to avoid them.” – Hummingbird student

We chose the Hummingbird as a symbol for our project because it represents the qualities of balance, persistence, resilience, lightness and enjoying the sweetness (nectar) of life.