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Elms Bank is a vibrant forward-thinking community secondary special school based in Bury. The students are aged between 11 and 19 and all have a Statement of Special Educational Needs. The school currently have one Acheeva bed on site but now, due to pupil demand, require an additional bed. The Acheeva Graduate they have requested is larger than their current model and will fulfil the needs of older children. There are 6 children on role who require the use of an Acheeva for varying lengths of time throughout the school day and with 2 beds available, all their need can be met.

An Acheeva bed is used for the postural management of children with complex needs. One child has a diagnosis of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and would currently benefit from 60 minutes use of the Acheeva daily. He has reduced mobility which requires wheelchair use and assistance from others. His needs may increase as the condition progesses.

Another child has been under the care of the Bury Paediatric Physiotherapy service since infancy to monitor their posture and hips. They have some mobility but, at times of fatigue, require a wheelchair to access all activities within school. They have recently been referred to Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital for a review of spinal posture and would benefit from prone and side lying on the Acheeva on a daily basis.

MedEquip4Kids have provided a number of Acheeva beds to other schools across the North West and, knowing the amazing impact they have, are looking for your support of this project.

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“The AccuVein AV400 is going to be such a useful addition to our equipment as it will make it easier to see the small veins and thereby make the process a lot gentler on our little patients.”

Nicola Entwistle and Rudo Kupera
Children's Clinic
Royal Preston Hospital

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