Chadderton Park Cerebral Palsy Football Team Football Frames

Chadderton Park Sports Club in Oldham runs a football team especially for children and young people with cerebral palsy. Playing in the team benefits the physical, social and emotional development of the young players, as well as offering a sense of community for them and their parents or carers.

The young people on the team have varying levels of mobility. Some can walk independently, while others require aids such as walking frames or crutches.  The usual walking frames provided for these children are not suited to activities like playing football, leaving them unable to join in and reap the physical and mental benefit offered.

Specialised football frames are available, but these cost more and unfortunately there is no funding for them from health or social care budgets.  Staff at Chadderton Park have asked MedEquip4Kids to help by providing three frames, in two different sizes and painted in the club’s colours, which will enable more children to play on the team.

The cost of providing all 3 Football Frames is £2382.90