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Our Hummingbird Project is delivering a unique six-week programme in secondary schools to support young people’s mental wellbeing.  The course was designed in partnership with psychologists at the University of Bolton and is based on key concepts of Positive Psychology. 

Yesterday we met for lunch to say a special thank you to the  whole team, including the fabulous volunteers who are helping us deliver the course, our colleagues at the University of Bolton, and the MedEquip4Kids staff overseeing the programme.

As the Hummingbird Project Co-ordinator, Ian Platt (pictured above) arranges and delivers the sessions in schools alongside the trained volunteers. Ian, a psychology graduate from the University of Bolton, says: “The chance to help improve the mental health of young people was one that I couldn’t pass up. I was just finishing up my master’s degree when the charity began putting the project together and being able to build an intervention from scratch was a very exciting prospect. We’ve delivered the Hummingbird Project to hundreds of students already and it’s been a very rewarding experience.”

The Hummingbird Project Team – clockwise from left: Saira Ashiq, volunteer, Ghalib Hussain,  Trust Fundraiser, Ian Platt, Hummingbird Project Co-ordinator,  Jerome Carson, Professor of Psychology, University of Bolton, Agatha Banda-Thomas, volunteer, Komal Qasim, volunteer, Ghazala Baig, MedEquip4Kids CEO, Joanne Maher, volunteer, Sophie Redmond, volunteer.

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“The team are really appreciative of the AccuVein AV400  as it now ensures staff can always wear gloves when trying to feel for veins that have previously been difficult to palpate, which given the current pandemic is even more essential.”

Donna Pooley
Nurse Manager
Sheffield Children’s Hospital

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