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MedEquip4Kids has funded new equipment, books and resources for CAMHS where they are used on a daily basis to benefit children with a range of difficulties, including eating disorders, anxiety, depression, OCD, and autism.

Katie* was thirteen when she lost her father to suicide. Katie came to CAMHS experiencing severe anxiety and depression. The craft equipment we provided was used to engage with her, the pens and rolls of paper were used in her therapy, and the Coping Cat workbook was used to help with her anxiety.

Katie is still being seen by CAMHS, but she is now functioning in a much better place. She is attending school full time, she has friends, and she has recently started participating in volunteer work.

MedEquip4Kids is continuing to work with CAMHS across the UK to ensure they are equipped with everything they need to support the one in ten children like Katie who are experiencing mental health problems.

*We changed Katie’s name to protect her identity

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“This new incubator has the addition of scales to weigh the baby with the minimum of disruption. It also has integral oxygen, which minimises kit and clutter around the incubator space. We will be able to control the temperature, humidity and oxygen to suit the baby’s individual requirements.”

Julie Armstrong
Lead Nurse, Neo Natal Unit
Wigan Infirmary

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