Royal Bolton Hospital – Bilisoft Phototherapy

The Paediatric Inpatient Ward at Royal Bolton Hospital takes babies and children from a catchment area across Greater Manchester and parts of Lancashire. The medical staff on the ward have applied to MedEquip4Kids for a Bilisoft Phototherapy System to treat babies suffering from Jaundice.

Jaundice is common in new borns but is often diagnosed after they leave the Neo Natal Unit and the babies are treated on the Paediatric Ward.Phototherapy treatment for Jaundice breaks down the bilirubin in the body enabling it to be excreted. A baby may develop kernicterus and permanent brain damage if bilirubin is not reduced to safe levels in the body so the sooner the phototherapy treatment is completed, the better the outcome.

The Bilisoft Phototherapy System efficiently treats babies suffering from Jaundice using a pad under the baby instead of a lamp positioned above allowing better access for feeding and changing and helps to maintain parental bonding. It also avoids the need for the baby to be exposed naked with just a nappy while being treated making the baby more comfortable during treatment.

Providing the Bilisoft Phototherapy System will cost £4,378.19