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In cold weather our hospitals will see an increase in respiratory problems such as asthma, which affects one in 11 children in the UK. In addition to coughing, wheezing and breathlessness, asthma can leave kids feeling tired all the time and at greater risk of stress and anxiety. Severe asthma attacks can be life threatening.

When a child has suspected asthma, they may be referred for a simple test carried out by a spirometer, a small machine attached by a cable to a mouthpiece, which measures how much air you can breathe out in one forced breath. Spirometry is used to diagnose asthma, and then to monitor its progression and treatment.

The Children’s Outpatients Department at Tameside General Hospital has asked for our help to provide a SpiroConnect system for use with their young patients. Tameside has the highest emergency hospital admission rates in England for children with asthma, making it vitally important that they have all the right equipment available to diagnose and treat it.

The SpiroConnect uses the most advanced technology to make it stable, reliable and accurate. It can be connected wirelessly to a PC or tablet so the spirometry can be performed on the screen. The equipment will help reduce waiting times in the paediatric unit and allow staff to provide better care for children with breathing difficulties.

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“During winter months our admissions of children with respiratory conditions increase, so these saturation monitors are vital to us being able to safely monitor children. They will allow us to monitor more children both continuously through their stay with us and at intermittent times during their visit. Staff will find the additional units make their jobs easier.”

Jayne Simpson
Ward Manager
Royal Bolton Hospital

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