Firwood School, Bolton – Shower Trolley Bed

Firwood School in Bolton is a specialist school for secondary aged students who have severe or profound learning difficulties. Many students also have physical disabilities which severely restrict their mobility.

Hydrotherapy has multiple benefits for disabled children and young people such as increasing their range of movement at the joints, improving muscle strength or reducing abnormally high muscle tone where necessary, and enhancing their cardiovascular system.

Hydrotherapy can also provide a sensory environment for the most severely disabled patients and techniques demonstrated by physiotherapists to carers attending the sessions can then be repeated at other warm pools helping to manage long term health conditions.

Firwood School have asked us to provide a Shower Trolley Bed for their hydrotherapy pool area. This will facilitate access to the pool for more children as currently there are delays due to lack of changing spaces. The shower trolley can also be used to shower disabled pool users before and after the pool use thereby meeting hygiene needs.