Matthew was born early at 27 weeks in a critical condition at Wigan Infirmary. Sadly, his twin brother Mark died the following day due to a complicated illness.  Matthew remained very ill in the neo natal unit for weeks before he was able to go home. Thankfully he recovered well and is now a happy and mischievous three-year-old.

The twins’ father Andrew told us about the wonderful care provided by the team. He says: “Without them I would never have seen Matthew walk, talk or cry, and I would never have held Mark’s hand and been able to give him a christening. Their professionalism, patience and understanding was a source of comfort and hope for all the family as we grieved for Mark, watched over Matthew and tried to provide normality for our eldest son James.

“After 72 days Matthew was finally able to come home and that will always be one of the happiest days of my life. Like so many, I should owe the NHS tens of thousands of pounds; however, I get to thank them for a lifetime of priceless memories.”

The medical team were able to provide dedicated round-the-clock care for Matthew because the right equipment was on hand to support his needs. Andrew has run in a number of races, including the Manchester Marathon, to raise funds for the neo natal unit at Wigan. MedEquip4Kids recently donated a Drager Isolette incubator, which will give lifesaving support to sick or premature babies like Matthew.