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Embarking on my role as a Trusts Fundraiser at MedEquip4Kids earlier this year has been an incredible journey. A pivotal moment that underscored my efforts occurred during a recent visit—an occasion where I witnessed firsthand the transformative impact of a piece of equipment I successfully secured funding for. This experience not only marked a milestone in my career but also fuelled my passion to continue championing essential resources for those we support.

On October 24th, our team visited Firwood High School in Bolton, and we’re thrilled to share the impactful results of our initiatives. The Acheeva Bed, funded through my efforts, has made a significant difference, especially for Molly, a student facing health challenges. Since incorporating the Acheeva Bed into her routine, Molly’s journey has taken a remarkable turn.

This innovative bed not only supports Molly’s posture but also enables her active participation in classroom activities. No more envisioning her on the floor – the Acheeva Bed fosters inclusivity, empowering students with disabilities to fully engage in the classroom. This amplifies their educational experience and promotes personal growth.

During our conversations with the school administration, the crucial need for postural equipment became apparent due to limited funding. The impact of the tools we provided extends beyond the physical, enhancing students’ overall well-being. Increased comfort during interactive sessions allows students to sit, lie, and breathe with ease, positively impacting their educational journey.

In essence, the generosity of our funders has transformed Firwood High School’s educational landscape. Our collective efforts have bridged gaps, creating an environment where both students and teachers thrive. Moving forward, we are determined to implement this positive change across the United Kingdom, thanks to the continued support of our generous donors.

The image above is from a lovely thank you card the school made for us.

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“We think the Sensory Voyagers are amazing and can’t wait to start using them with our patients. They will provide much needed sensory play and will benefit our patients so much.”

Angela O’Neill
Play Specialist
Fairfield General Hospital

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