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Ruben and Elena picking litter for 100 Acts of Kindness

Kindness is one of the most important qualities we can have and something we desperately need more of in the world today. Our young ambassadors, Ruben and Elena Evans-Guillen, have completed another fantastic challenge by carrying out 100 Acts of Kindness in their community and raising £1,500 for MedEquip4Kids.

The 10-year-old twins from Warrington were featured in the local press for their impressive 100 Acts, which ranged from litter picking to donating to charities, food banks and animal shelters. The 100 Acts of Kindness challenge was part of the twins’ campaign to “Be a Good Egg for the NHS”, so it was fitting that their final 100th Act of Kindness involved donating 360 freshly laid free-range eggs to a homeless shelter in the centre of Warrington.

Ruben and Elena’s dad Mark has put together a full list with photographs of all the 100 Acts of Kindness the twins carried out: Ruben Elena Be A Good Egg Charity Campaign 2021

The funds raised will go towards providing a telemetry unit for the birth centre at Warrington Hospital. A telemetry unit is a wireless heart monitor which helps keep mum and baby safe during labour and birth, and will  improve healthcare for the local community. We’re still raising funds for the unit, so if you can help us, please donate through our website.  Thank you.

Random Acts of Kindness are also one of the activities in our Hummingbird Project, a six-week course for schools that helps to improve happiness and wellbeing. Pupils taking part in the course record their acts of kindness, which could be giving a friend or family member a nice compliment, volunteering for a charity, or helping out a person or animal in need.

The great thing about kindness is that it’s good for everyone.  As well as benefiting those you support, being kind can help you to feel happier and more connected too. You can find out more about the health benefits of kindness here.

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“The team are really appreciative of the AccuVein AV400  as it now ensures staff can always wear gloves when trying to feel for veins that have previously been difficult to palpate, which given the current pandemic is even more essential.”

Donna Pooley
Nurse Manager
Sheffield Children’s Hospital

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