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During Children’s Mental Health Week 2021 MedEquip4Kids is proud to be joining Place2Be, schools, organisations and communities across the UK as we raise awareness of the importance of children and young people’s mental health.

The theme for this year is Express Yourself.  Creative activities such as drawing, painting or acting can increase our sense of wellbeing and help us express our feelings, thoughts and ideas. Creativity is very important in the treatment of the one in six children and young people with mental health conditions. For many years MedEquip4Kids has supported Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) by funding creative resources such as paints, pens, crafts materials, toys and props for role-playing, feelings cards, games and more. Last year alone we delivered packages of resources worth up to £1,000 to more than 40 CAMHS teams nationwide.

Pauline, an art therapist with CAMHS, said: “I truly noticed a change in treatment with a young person as her work changed in using the canvases provided. She was able to use the weight of the canvas to express deep feelings around self harm and self loathing and loneliness. These marks could not have been made on the paper we had before the canvases were available. Thank you also for the clay, which allowed 3D work, and the inks. Our client group ranges from 4 to 18 and the range of materials allowed everyone a chance to express what they needed to.”

During the COVID-19 pandemic, when young people’s education, support networks and coping mechanisms have been disrupted, the need for creative activities to help manage feelings of frustration, isolation, anxiety or depression is greater than ever. Hannah, also an art therapist with CAMHS, told us: “Due to the current restrictions, staff are unable to support young people accessing outpatient services face-to-face and many are now providing support by phone or video link. For the young people to be able to engage with therapeutic creativity fully, we want to send tailored kits of art materials to their homes.”

Can you support our Creative CAMHS Appeal?

We have now funded the art kits that Hannah’s team needed, but there are many more services in need of our help in 2021. For example, your gift could help us buy any of the following:

£2.99 Watercolour tablet (set of 24)
£3.14 Canvases – assorted sizes
£3.59 Watercolour paper A4 pad
£4.39 Soft pastels (set of 12)
£4.50 Felt tip pens (24)
£5.50 Toy figures (animals)
£5.99 Colouring pencils (set of 12)
£5.00 Playdoh
£5.45 A4 whiteboard and pens
£8.39 Acrylic paints (set of 6)
£7.98 Paint brush set
£9.99 Toy figures (family)
£15.99 Drawing inks (pack of 12)

You can donate online now or send a cheque to MedEquip4Kids, Appeals Office, 5th Floor, 90 Deansgate, Manchester M3 2GP

If you are a CAMHS practitioner and would like our support, please download our application form and guidelines.

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“The contribution of two Acheeva work stations has enhanced what we can offer to many children and students. Two young men are now able to access the larger workstations and their care and quality of life has improved dramatically. Michael now has the extra-large learning station available every day. Please thank everyone on our behalf who raised the money.”

Andy Tearle
Deputy Headteacher
Kings Mill School, Driffield

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