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At MedEquip4Kids we care about every aspect of children’s health, including their mental health and wellbeing.  Our Hummingbird Project improves young people’s mental health through a six-week course in secondary schools, which focuses on Positive Psychology.

Led by trained staff and volunteers, the workshops cover topics such as Mental Health and Stigma, Happiness and Wellbeing, Resilience and Character Strengths, Growth Mindsets, Hope and Gratitude, and Mindfulness. An understanding of these concepts helps give young people the techniques and tools to become more emotionally resilient.

Recently we taught the course to pupils at Blacon High School in Cheshire. Following on from the course, we delivered a resource pack of books, stress toys and games (pictured) to the school, to help them continue to put what they learned into practice.

Below is a selection of students’ feedback on the Hummingbird Project:

It makes me feel happy and I don’t worry about anything”

“A relaxing, comforting experience”

“A way to make kids happier and make them more confident”

“I learned that I had a lot of character strengths”

“I learnt many things to think about myself”

“The best experience ever”

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“The AccuVein AV400 is going to be such a useful addition to our equipment as it will make it easier to see the small veins and thereby make the process a lot gentler on our little patients.”

Nicola Entwistle and Rudo Kupera
Children's Clinic
Royal Preston Hospital

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