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A special thank you to Jenny Dillon, who raised funds for us by taking part in the Gung Ho! event this month, a fun 5K course with ten uniquely designed inflatable obstacles.

Jenny is mum to Ava Hornby, who received specialist treatment in the neo natal unit at Royal Bolton Hospital following her complicated birth. MedEquip4Kids has worked with Royal Bolton for many years to provide extra equipment to make sure everything is on hand for the medical team to give babies like Ava the treatment and care they need. You can read Ava’s story here.

Jenny says: “We have always wanted to do something to help raise money for MedEquip4Kids since Ava was born. What better way to thank them than to raise a bit of money to help buy more specialist equipment to help poorly babies get better, just like they helped Ava!”

Jenny took part in Gung Ho! after hearing about it from Ava’s aunt Vicky. MedEquip4Kids supplied T-shirts for the participants to wear, and Jenny made a cheerleader outfit for little Ava so she could show her support. Unfortunately on the morning of the event it was pouring with rain and the ground was very muddy and slippery, but this didn’t stop Jenny and Vicky from completing the course.

Jenny says: “We had great fun despite the weather and battled through the giant inflatable slides, walls and obstacles as we didn’t want to let our many sponsors down. Ava was waiting at the finish line for us and to see her little face made it all worthwhile!”

Jenny and Vicky completed the course in around 45 minutes and have raised a total of £377, and  are planning to complete more events in future.

Jenny says: “I am extremely proud of us on this achievement and all who sponsored us to get to this amount. This will be the first of many events I hope to complete , although I think it’s Ava’s Dad, Neil’s turn next!”

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“Infections of the central nervous system need urgent and appropriate treatment. Most laboratory methods can take from 24 to 48 hours for diagnosis of bacterial meningitis and three to seven days for diagnosis of viral meningitis or encephalitis. The new equipment will mean we can get results of these tests in around an hour. We’ll be able to inform the clinicians of a positive result, allowing targeted therapy and reassurance to the patients and families. Just as important is the reporting of negative results, which may enable treatment withdrawal and possibly a shorter hospital stay.”

Dr Pradeep Subudhi
Consultant Microbiologist
Royal Bolton Hospital

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