Ava Rose Hornby – Bolton

Ava3-300x225 Ava Rose Hornby - BoltonJenny Dillon went through a normal healthy pregnancy with no complications. Once she was two weeks over her due date, she was taken to Royal Bolton Hospital for her labour to be induced.  There she was given a pessary to start the labour, but unfortunately it worked very quickly, which caused distress to baby Ava.

Because Ava had inhaled meconium into her lungs, which can block the airways, the midwives rushed Jenny down for an emergency C-section.  Luckily for Jenny the medical team were able to get Ava out with forceps, but she didn’t start breathing straightaway.

On the neo natal ward, Ava was treated with cooling equipment, which is used to minimise the risk of brain damage in babies deprived of oxygen at birth. She was also tube-fed for three days. Once she was a little better, Ava was moved to the special care unit.

Ava1-300x251 Ava Rose Hornby - BoltonJenny says: “I’ll never forget the nurse saying to me that someone was watching over Ava today and that she was a very lucky girl. But I think it was all the specialist equipment and the amazing staff that made us so lucky that day. I will never be able to thank them enough. The care and treatment we were given were second to none.”