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Star struck by the sight of Louby Lou, Ellie Mae Bridge was lost for words at the initial appearance of the renowned clown at Stepping Hill Hospital. This was no issue for the experienced hand of Louby, who quickly recognised that one of her classic tricks could defuse Ellie Mae’s nerves. With her father within reach and the calming notes of Itsy Bitsy Spider sounding across the room, Ellie Mae instantly relaxed, even beginning to revel in the occasion. The accompaniment of a lady bird balloon animal further added to the experience, with her quick grasp of it signifying the beginning of recovery, as her earlier worries were quickly forgotten.

You would be forgiven in thinking that Ellie Mae was in full health during Louby’s visit, however, this was merely the magic of the clown rather than any medical recovery. A week prior, Ellie Mae Bridge had been rushed to Stepping Hill Hospital via ambulance after suffering from a devastating fit. Initially, responding well to medical intervention, Ellie Mae had made a supposed recovery, and with her vitals seeming stable she was given the all clear and was to return home.

However, a few days later Ellie Mae had another fit. Again, she was rushed into hospital with the doctors taking no chances in their assessment this time. She underwent extensive tests with the cause of the problem being revealed as an infection. Under the weight of this revelation is when Louby Lou entered the picture. Still reeling from her ill health, Louby Lou displayed her full range of talents to Ellie Mae’s delight. Andrew, Ellie Mae’s dad recognising this, stated “She really appreciates Louby Lou coming in to cheer her up”.

We have had the pleasure of working with Louby Lou for many years and we hope she continues to spread giggles, Joy and Fun all around the North West, for as long as she can as she is unquestionably North West’s #1 female clown! However, this is only made possible by the generosity of others, as Louby Lou is funded through donations to the charity. Therefore, we urge anyone to join our effort in funding Louby Lou’s visits as through your help, we will be able to achieve an improvement in the lives of those most vulnerable.


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“During winter months our admissions of children with respiratory conditions increase, so these saturation monitors are vital to us being able to safely monitor children. They will allow us to monitor more children both continuously through their stay with us and at intermittent times during their visit. Staff will find the additional units make their jobs easier.”

Jayne Simpson
Ward Manager
Royal Bolton Hospital

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