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Charlie Bradbury was hospitalised as a result of the recent wave of Strep A infections across the country. Unfortunately, as his infection was unresponsive to the usual treatment of antibiotics, Charlie was sent to Stepping Hill where he could receive specialist care and medication. Due to the severity of the infection he was kept in, resulting in an improvement of his condition. However, this prolonged period in hospital created a condition of restlessness and boredom, similarly unresponsive to his parent’s best efforts. The parents were delighted by the arrival of the ‘Magic Medic’ Louby Lou to the children’s ward.

Louby Lou had an array of entertainment that thrilled Charlie and solved his boredom, with his dad remarking that it was, “nice to finally see a smile on his face after a difficult week.” Armed with a microphone, Louby Lou unleashed a chorus of songs that placed Charlie instantly at ease, in what is often a daunting environment. After the classics of ‘Baby Shark’ and ‘Itsy Bitsy Spider’ were concluded, Louby Lou demonstrated that her talents were not confined to music. Surprisingly, Louby Lou began to conduct an interview which was of particular delight to Charlie. Although ill prepared for such pressures Charlie managed to recall his favourite ice cream and favourite song. Emboldened by his success, he spoke of his ambitions to become a vet! Louby Lou put her skilled craftsmanship of balloon animals to work and quickly constructed and rewarded Charlie with his very own penguin on a pogo stick balloon!

The positive impact of such a visit was clearly evident as Charlie’s dad was clear in his gratitude for our work, saying: “Thanks for coming to put a smile on Charlie’s face.” Clearly he relished the new form of entertainment for Charlie after a week’s stay in hospital. Simply, Louby Lou eased the pressures of an intimidating environment for Charlie, allowing him to briefly return to normality. This not only relieves him but can also help with his and his parent’s recovery.

We have had the pleasure of working with Louby Lou for many years and hope she will continue to spread giggles, joy and fun all around the North West.

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“The materials provided greatly help with the therapeutic process and engaging children, young people and their families in therapeutic work. The young people greatly appreciate having this equipment to use within their sessions. Many of the young people we see have a history of trauma including neglect and being able to access materials that they can use and enjoy is of great benefit and hopefully assists us to reinforce the messages of their worth as their self-concept is often very low.”

Michaela Foster
CAMHS Young People’s Team
Leicestershire CAMHS Partnership

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