Southport and Ormskirk Hospital NHS – Trust Syringe Drivers

The Ormskirk & District General Hospital is a large facility serving West Lancashire including Ormskirk and Southport. The Paediatric Ward and Assessment Units treat over 4,848 children each year. A number of these children will need intravenous medication administered as part of their treatment.

A syringe driver will administer intravenous drugs in a safe and controlled manner which helps to reduce tissue reactions and the risk of overdose. It also increases patient comfort as there is less irritation and stinging. The community nurse team also use the devices to dispense essential medication to children in their home environment so they don’t need to attend hospital so frequently.

The hospital needs more Syringe drivers as they are in great demand and the stock they have needs updating. They have asked MedEquip4Kids to provide extra units to ensure that the patients receive the necessary medications promptly thereby improving their recovery time. We have agreed to fundraise for them one at a time until the demand is met.

The total cost of supplying one Syringe Driver is £1,568.84