North Manchester General Hospital Neonatal Unit – Sensory Voyager

North Manchester General Hospital cares for babies, children and adolescents with a variety of needs. The Neonatal unit admits a large number of term and pre term babies and, as a Level 2 unit, also accepts a number of babies born at 23 weeks and above from other hospitals. These babies often stay on the unit for up to 6 months and would benefit greatly from both a stimulating and calming sensory environment.

The Sensory Voyager is a portable sensory studio which can be used to create a fantastic sensory space in any room. The equipment on the Voyager includes a waterless bubble tube, UV fibre optic strands and a projector wheel for lighting effects and images. There is colour control and an MP3 sound system to complete the sensory atmosphere. The system is lockable and has a dust cover for protection when not in use.

North Manchester General Hospital has requested a Sensory Voyager to calm and stimulate babies during their stay on the Neonatal Unit. The Sensory Voyager will benefit more than 526 babies a year, aiding their development and giving them and their carers a better experience during a stressful time.

The total cost of providing this equipment is £4340.50