Suction machines needed for children with underlying health conditions

On Friday last week we launched a special appeal for medical resources wherever they are most urgently needed to tackle the coronavirus outbreak.  Thank you so much to those who have already supported the appeal.

One of the  first pieces of equipment we will be funding is additional suction machines for  ISCAN (Integrated Service for Children with Additional Needs) in Tameside and Glossop.

Although the overall risk of COVID-19 is lower for children than it is for other age groups, some children will be especially affected by the virus. This is because they have underlying health conditions that mean their lungs are weakened or their immune systems less able to fight it off.

ISCAN  supports 655 children in the community with disabilities and complex health needs. Many require regular suction treatment to keep their lungs clear of mucus and allow them to breathe more easily. We have funded new suction machines for ISCAN in the past to help them to cope with the high demand for them. However, the pandemic will see a sharp rise in the numbers seeking treatment for breathing difficulties and will put even more pressure on already overstretched resources, as it will for hospitals and health services throughout the UK.

You can support the appeal through JustGiving or by donating via our website.