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Recently the MedEquip4Kids fundraising team visited the Starlight Children’s Unit in Wythenshawe Hospital to see the new spot monitor (pictured above with the nursing team) that was donated by the charity. This lightweight and portable device is used by the medical team to accurately check young patients’ stats such as blood pressure, pulse oximetry and temperature.

While we were there, we met five-year-old Arabella, who was born with polydactyly, which means she has an extra thumb on her right hand. Unfortunately, Arabella has received negative comments from her peers at school, and so her, and her mum Clare were at the hospital so the surgeons could remove her extra thumb. While at the hospital, Arabella will also undergo genetic testing for Fanconi anemia, a rare condition where bone marrow does not make enough blood cells.

Clare hopes that the surgery will lead to Arabella being happier at school, and able to live life to the fullest. She was very happy with the spot monitor which MedEquip4Kids donated to Wythenshawe Hospital and which was used to monitor Arabella’s stats such as her temperature, blood pressure, and oxygen saturation. Clare said: “The spot monitor is wonderful. As soon as the nurses brought it in for Arabella I couldn’t believe how small it was! It is so child-friendly compared to the older, bulkier monitors. Thank you MedEquip4Kids!”

Six-year-old Miles (not pictured) has had hearing difficulties for the past three years, and wears hearing aids to help him hear. When we met him, Miles was getting ready to have grommets fitted in his ears. Miles is quite fond of his hearing aids, but mum and dad are hoping that the grommets will lead to him having fewer ear infections, and being able to hear more clearly at home and at school. Miles has also benefited from the spot monitor during his stay.

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“The switch adapted toys have been a wonderful addition to our school. Both staff and children were thrilled to have some new exciting resources. The children love the lights and movement many of these switch toys have and are highly motivated to explore and investigate how to make them work. They have been great for pupils to develop their understanding of cause and effect and we have also noticed improved concentration and engagement when using them. Often it can be difficult to find toys that are robust enough to withstand lots of heavy use AND be interesting and fun. These new resources tick all those boxes. They have made a noticeable impact on the children’s development in this area.”

Sophie Martindale
Acorns Primary School, Lancashire

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