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Beds for parents at NOrth Manchester General Hospital

MedEquip4Kids has provided 15 folding chair beds for the children’s ward at North Manchester General Hospital so that parents can get some sleep when they stay with their child. These beds will enable parents or carers to stay comfortably overnight and reassure children who are sick, afraid and alone in hospital.

Every year the ward cares for 4,200 babies and young patients up to the age of 16 with a wide variety of needs. Over 60% of children admitted are under the age of three. The benefit of a parent being by the bedside is invaluable and can lead to a quicker recovery.

The folding beds are lightweight, portable, easy to store and simple for one person to set up. They are supplied with a comfortable foam mattress.  There are no traditional slats to clean on the bed deck and cleaning the solid base is hugely simplified as a result. All surfaces can be wiped down with hospital wipes or chlorine based solutions.

Vicki Healey, Children’s Ward Manager at North Manchester General, says: “This has had such a positive impact on the wellbeing of our children knowing their parent or carer is close by. But also for the parent being able to sleep comfortably next to their child has made such a difference to how they have responded to staff during difficult times on the ward. The difference a good night’s sleep makes is priceless.”

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“The specialist treatment chairs are a new vital resource for the therapy team and nursing staff to be able to safely and comfortably sit extremely complex, dependant, critical care patients out of bed. The chairs allow us to begin the patient’s rehabilitation journey by providing appropriate postural support at the same time as pressure relief to allow the patient to build the muscle strength to hold themselves up against gravity. This allows them to begin to interact with their environment in a more normal way, enabling them to participate in meaningful activities such as meal times and activities of daily living.”

Physiotherapy Team
Critical Care Unit
Royal Preston Hospital

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