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A presentation was held in the neo natal unit at Liverpool Women’s Hospital to celebrate a donation from MedEquip4Kids.

The unit takes care of more than 1,000 babies and their families every year.  They provide care for babies born prematurely, with low weight or who have a medical condition that requires specialist treatment.

Jaundice is a normal condition of newborn and preterm babies as they need to break down the excess red blood cells that were required to transport oxygen before birth. If underlying conditions reduce the ability to remove the excess bilirubin created, the resulting jaundice can cause irreversible brain damage.

MedEquip4Kids has provided the department with four new phototherapy lamps to treat jaundice in babies. The phototherapy lamps will effectively and swiftly treat jaundice enabling mother and baby to leave hospital sooner, which relieves pressure on families and promotes better bonding after birth.

Pictured: Baby Koby, just two days old, is being treated for jaundice at Liverpool Women’s Hospital by equipment donated by  MedEquip4Kids.

Ghazala Baig, Chief Executive at MedEquip4Kids, said: “We would like to thank Morrisons Foundation, the Eleanor Rathbone Charitable Trust, the Pilkington Charities Fund, the Lord Cozens-Hardy Trust, and the Johnson Group Cleaners Charity.  It is wonderful to see how the equipment is making a difference to babies and families in Liverpool and we are very appreciative to these funders for making this project possible.”

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“The AccuVein AV400 is going to be such a useful addition to our equipment as it will make it easier to see the small veins and thereby make the process a lot gentler on our little patients.”

Nicola Entwistle and Rudo Kupera
Children's Clinic
Royal Preston Hospital

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