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The Children’s Unit at North Manchester General Hospital had a sensory room installed in 2009. This room has been available as a place of distraction and comfort for the 3,500 children that attend the unit each year. With continuous use, most of the equipment in the room had stopped working or became damaged and needed replacing.

MedEquip4Kids has completely restored the room with a new bubble tube, sensory activity board, a talking cube and a colour wheel light projector.

Mum Kate, who recently spent time at NMGH with her son, George, said “We spend a lot of time in hospital so it’s great to have good sensory and play equipment. We stayed for 3 days this time and the sensory room was his favourite place.”

Pam Lord, Play Specialist at NMGH said: “Thank you to everyone at MedEquip4Kids for raising the money to replace our sensory room equipment. It is being used so much by all the patients on the ward, in particular helping to calm anxious children, and providing a stimulating environment for children with learning difficulties.”

Evelyn Glarvey, Project Coordinator at MedEquip4Kids, said: “We would like to thank the Rycroft Children’s Fund, the Leeds Building Society Charitable Foundation, Tesco Bags of Help and the Duchy of Lancaster Benevolent Fund for generously helping to fund this project.”

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“During winter months our admissions of children with respiratory conditions increase, so these saturation monitors are vital to us being able to safely monitor children. They will allow us to monitor more children both continuously through their stay with us and at intermittent times during their visit. Staff will find the additional units make their jobs easier.”

Jayne Simpson
Ward Manager
Royal Bolton Hospital

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