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Our corporate fundraiser Taisie attended a garden party at Stepping Hill Hospital’s Tree House Children’s Unit this weekend to help celebrate 70 years of the NHS. There was a fantastic  turnout, with children being taught all kinds of useful health skills such as infection prevention, dental hygiene and how to carry out CPR. The children’s mental health team was there talking to people too.

The DJ kept the tunes pumping throughout the course of the afternoon, but the entertainment also included some amazingly talented children and teens getting up to perform songs and dance acts, as well as a Disney princess and a wonderful clown show from our very own Louby Lou. A huge thank you to all the wonderful staff for keeping everyone hydrated and fed with some really tasty treats!

Taisie says: “We loved witnessing the joy  the Tree House Garden that MedEquip4Kids  funded  brings to the children’s ward at Stepping Hill. It’s clearly a great asset, giving  children a sense of normality during their time in hospital, and let’s face it, when the weather is as lovely as this, who wouldn’t want to get outside!”

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“This new incubator has the addition of scales to weigh the baby with the minimum of disruption. It also has integral oxygen, which minimises kit and clutter around the incubator space. We will be able to control the temperature, humidity and oxygen to suit the baby’s individual requirements.”

Julie Armstrong
Lead Nurse, Neo Natal Unit
Wigan Infirmary

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