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As the winner of our free prize draw, Katy Richardson and her two sons will be enjoying a well-deserved weekend break this Easter at the fabulous LEGOLAND Windsor Resort. The holiday was generously donated to MedEquip4Kids by Plaster Plus Interiors Ltd.

Katy’s youngest son, 19-month-old Ronnie, has been through a tough time recently, going in and out of hospital with repeated bronchitis after picking up an infection at his nursery. Ronnie was treated mainly at the children’s A&E unit at North Manchester General Hospital. There a nebuliser was used to help with his breathing, while pulse oximeters measured his oxygen levels until they were high enough for him to be able to return home.

Katy says: “The staff at the hospital were lovely.  I really can’t fault them. Each time Ronnie was ill, they made sure he was admitted straightaway as a priority. The doctors and consultants were amazing too.”

Thankfully Ronnie has been in good health now since November last year, though it’s still worrying for the family when the weather turns cold.

Katy was studying full-time for a Maths degree when Ronnie became ill, and she also had a six-year-old back at home. She was very grateful to her mum, who helped take care of her other son while Katy was visiting the hospital. With her mum’s support, Katy was able to complete her degree and has just got a new job.

Over the years MedEquip4Kids has provided equipment and facilities worth £160,000 for North Manchester General Hospital.  These include refurbishing the children’s A&E unit, supplying oxygen monitors like the ones used to treat Ronnie, and most recently, equipping a new multisensory room.

MedEquip4Kids has also provided chair beds for the hospital so that parents can stay overnight with their sick child. As Ronnie was in the unit for between three and ten days each time, Katy was glad to have these beds available so she could get some rest while still being close to her son.

Katy says: “We’re really looking forward to going to Legoland. My oldest boy absolutely loves Lego, so it’ll be a real treat.”

We’d like to thank Katy for sharing her story with us, and wish her and the boys a fantastic holiday.

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“The switch adapted toys have been a wonderful addition to our school. Both staff and children were thrilled to have some new exciting resources. The children love the lights and movement many of these switch toys have and are highly motivated to explore and investigate how to make them work. They have been great for pupils to develop their understanding of cause and effect and we have also noticed improved concentration and engagement when using them. Often it can be difficult to find toys that are robust enough to withstand lots of heavy use AND be interesting and fun. These new resources tick all those boxes. They have made a noticeable impact on the children’s development in this area.”

Sophie Martindale
Acorns Primary School, Lancashire

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