Salford Royal Paediatric A & E Observation & Assessment Unit (Panda) – Diagnostic Equipment

The Panda Unit at Salford Royal provides emergency care for over 20,000 babies and children each year. The care includes triage, assessment, treatment and observation for up to 24 hours for a wide range of conditions and injuries. Critical decisions need to be made quickly to ensure efficient treatment and discharge. The medical team have identified three pieces of equipment which will make a huge difference to their care delivery.

  • An Abbott I-STAT hand held blood analyser will identify the severity of an illness using only a small amount of blood from the patient.
  • A metal detector is required to confirm suspected foreign body ingestion and would prevent the use of X-rays thereby reducing radiation exposure and costs.
  • The final item needed is an Alere-I Isothermal system which detects respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) in bronchial children allowing them to be isolated and receive the correct treatment sooner.

MedEquip4Kids have agreed to fundraise for these three items which will make a real difference to the hospital experience of children and their families.

The cost of providing this equipment is £12,850.43