Furness General Hospital – Auto Breath Resuscitaire

Furness General Hospital  – Auto Breath Resuscitaire

The Emergency Department at Furness General Hospital is a busy department treating over 6500 paediatric patients each year. Babies often attend the department needing urgent treatment in the resuscitation room where they are currently treated on an adult sized stretcher bed making access awkward. In addition, the resuscitation room needs to be heated to a high temperature to keep the baby warm which makes working conditions difficult.

Furness General Hospital have asked us to provide an Auto Breath Resuscitaire for the Emergency Department Resuscitation room. A resuscitaire is a piece of equipment that delivers air, oxygen and heat, if needed, in accurate amounts.

If a baby is struggling to breathe, it is important to get breathing started and maintained quickly as oxygen deprivation in infants can cause lifelong developmental problems.

The Auto Breath Resuscitaire is the best piece of equipment to treat the baby immediately and will provide optimum oxygenation and warmth ensuring the best possible outcome.

The cost of providing the Resuscitaire will be £11,693.00