Celebrating Poetry Day By Evelyn Glarvey

Mediequip-Lions Celebrating Poetry Day By Evelyn Glarvey

Thursday 3rd October was National Poetry Day. To mark the occasion, our project co-coordinator Evelyn composed this lovely poem about the different ways you can help our charity. Evelyn is 2nd from right 

On behalf of MedEquip4Kids
This National Poetry Day
Please listen to our message
And help in some small way.

Slattery have a prize draw
The winner will be pleased
With a year of food and chocolate
Their appetite appeased.

Our Shimmer Ball is filling fast
A night of food and fun
Live music and some dancing
A diamond to be won.

But last and more importantly
Our message here today
Is pop along to Tesco
And give the votes some sway.

We’ll get at least ten thousand
But it could be twenty-five
And this will make a difference
To keeping kids alive.

Incubators, monitors
C-PAPS and the rest
Please add your tokens to our pile
And ensure we are the best!

Tesco-Bags-of-Help-for-webl-logo Celebrating Poetry Day By Evelyn GlarveyWin-a-year-of-Slattery-1024x512 Celebrating Poetry Day By Evelyn Glarvey