Nathan – Paediatric Continence Service

MedEquip4Kids helped children to overcome problems with continence by providing enuresis (bedwetting) alarms and vibrating toilet training watches for the Paediatric Continence Service based at Sunnybank Health Centre in Bury.

Problems with bladder or bowel continence may be caused by a physical disability, a learning difficulty, or psychological or social problems. Bedwetting is a distressing condition which can significantly affect the child’s behaviour, emotional wellbeing and social life. Children who wet the bed fear sleepovers or school trips in case they are bullied or ridiculed, but worry they will lose their friends if they refuse to attend.

Seven-year-old Nathan was struggling with continence on a nightly basis. He was referred to the clinic at Sunnybank where he was assessed and his family agreed to try using an enuresis alarm for twelve weeks. After getting used to the alarm, Nathan is now able to stay dry during the night.

Continence advisor Claire Bilsborrow says: “Stopping bedwetting makes a huge difference to the child and their family’s quality of life, improves self-esteem, reduces laundry costs and enables the child to have sleepovers and go on holidays with school.”

We are now funding equipment for the Paediatric Continence Service at Macclesfield District Hospital, which sees around 350 children struggling with bladder or bowel continence.