Lilly McManus from Wigan has a heart defect and a rare metabolic illness, and has undergone open heart surgery. This brave little girl has stayed in hospital at Royal Albert Edward Infirmary over twenty times, and it’s really important for her mum Kerrie to be at her side when she wakes up.

MedEquip4Kids funded ten new chairs which unfold into beds, allowing parents to rest comfortably when staying in hospital overnight with their child, and reducing stress for the whole family.

Kerrie says: “I would sleep on the floor to be near her when she is ill, and have never left her side, but having the chair beds makes all the difference. It means I can sleep right next to her and respond to anything she needs. I can make sure I am rested so I am mentally ready whenever I am needed and my little girl has her mummy’s face to wake up to. What more could I ask for?

“The work the charity does makes all the difference to the lives of families like mine. Something as simple as a fold-down bed can make repeated stressful admissions to hospital a whole lot more bearable.”

We’re continuing to fundraise for new chair beds for the hospital as the old ones become worn out with use.