Leo Pickett – Bolton

Leo Pickett was born at Christmastime in 2015. Unfortunately during the delivery, Leo ingested stained amniotic fluid (Meconium Aspiration Syndrome), causing his lungs to collapse. He was resuscitated by the team of neo-natal doctors in theatre and then rushed immediately to the neo natal intensive care unit (NICU) at Royal Bolton Hospital.

Leo-first-pic-225x300 Leo Pickett - Bolton There Leo was intubated and attached to several machines to support and monitor his condition. Thanks to the amazing staff in the delivery suite and NICU, as well as  equipment provided by MedEquip4Kids, Leo’s condition improved until he was well enough to be moved to the Special Care Baby Unit. Again Leo received  excellent care, using equipment provided by the charity.

 Leo’s mum and dad, Emma and Carl, are running the London Marathon in 2018 to raise funds for MedEquip4Kids. Leo-37-200x300 Leo Pickett - Bolton

Emma says: “We were lucky enough to bring a healthy baby home and we are so grateful that Leo is growing into a happy, lively, and  healthy little boy with whom we are looking forward to sharing a second Christmas. We are incredibly grateful to all involved that Leo  made a full recovery and has suffered no lasting effects of the events surrounding his birth

“We would like to run the marathon to say thank you to MedEquip4Kids for the facilities they provided to help Leo, and to so many  other babies and children, including some of our dear friends, in their hour of need.”