Jamie Scowcroft

Fifteen-year-old Jamie from Bolton can now enjoy playing outside with his friends for the first time thanks to a donation by MedEquip4Kids.
Jamie was born with Angelmans Syndrome, a neuro-genetic disorder which means he has developmental delay and is prone to severe fits. He has been a pupil at Bolton’s Firwood School since the age of 11, and it was there that his physiotherapist first approached MedEquip4Kids for help to provide Jamie with a walking frame.

Jamie’s mum, Lynn, told us: “Jamie has a very friendly, nosey personality and loves watching people. He wants to be involved with whatever is going on at home and at school. Since he first started using the walking frame, he has learned to move himself around the school and even outside.

He really enjoys meeting new people, and absolutely loves it when dogs come up to him when he’s out in the walking frame. He can be out with his brother and get involved in their games. He can be outdoors for an hour or more in the warm weather, and he even managed to go out for a few minutes in the snow this year for the first time.

Jamie’s condition means that he has curvature of the spine as a result of his limited movement, and a severe fit at the age of 18 months left him with a weakness on his left side.  Spending time in the walking frame, and having to learn to use his legs to propel himself around has had a dramatic effect on his physical abilities, and Jamie’s medical team believe it could be enough to prevent him needing a major operation in a few years.

For a long time, Jamie’s dad was collecting the walking frame from school each Friday and returning it on Monday morning, so Jamie could benefit from the frame over the weekends. Since MedEquip4Kids was able to provide another frame for Jamie and his classmates, he is now able to keep one at home for as long as he needs it, so that he can have a few minutes in the frame every evening.

Lynn told us: “We all want to say thank you so much your support. I don’t know what we would have done without it. It’s made such a difference to Jamie. He really loves being in the frame, and we’ve noticed an enormous improvement in his health and quality of life.”