Grace Turner

At MedEquip4Kids, we have seen firsthand how using a multisensory room can transform children’s experiences of undergoing medical treatment. Earlier this year we raised funds to provide sensory equipment at the children’s clinic at Blackpool Victoria Hospital. Grace Turner, 6, from Hambleton, was one of the first patients to use the new room.
Grace has Rett’s Syndrome, a rare neurodevelopment disorder that means she is wheelchair bound and oxygen dependant and she is sometimes only awake for about an hour a day.  She is on chronic medication and has to receive intravenous antibiotics every two to three weeks.

Grace’s mum Lisa Turner said: “Grace has been in and out of hospital over the past two years and over the last eight months she has been in every three weeks, spending all her time in the High Dependency Unit.  She has become very poorly and is dependant on 24 hour care even when she is at home.
“The new sensory room in the children’s clinic is great for Grace as there are various pieces of equipment in there that stimulate sight, touch and sound.  For the length of time that she is awake, it is important to make her as happy as possible and to give her quality of life. When she is in the sensory room, she is totally relaxed. The bubble tubes have lights that change colour when you touch them and she really enjoyed that interaction. She also enjoyed looking into the infinity tunnel and pressing the interactive switches that make sounds and noises.”